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Every birth is unique and magical. Since every birth is special, it matters how your baby is going to be born. It is therefore important to look into possible birth places and depending on the birth place, which options you are going to have. Think about what is important for you and your baby, what kind of needs and wishes you have and where you can best fulfil these.

It can be helpful to book a tour on the labour ward in the hospital, to have open conversations with your midwife and to ask as many questions as possible. Asking for statistics can also help get a better picture of the frequency of interventions such as caesarean section, episiotomy or epidural.

However, it does not matter where and when your baby will be born. Most importantly, you deserve respectful and family-centred care which will support you as new parents in this life changing and wonderful journey. You and your baby count the most.

Care in early active labour at home

Studies have shown that it is more likely to have interventions in labour if you go to the hospital too early. If you would rather stay at home for longer, but want some professional support I can also offer you some labour care for this first stage of labour at home. This way you can have a big part of your labour at home, which will help you to relax and progress as you won’t be alone. I will provide the same monitoring and care as I do for homebirths but will transfer you to the hospital once it becomes obvious that your labour is nice and strong and moving forward.
For this kind of care, it is necessary that you fulfil the same requirements as for a homebirth (healthy mum, healthy pregnancy and no risk factors). I am working according to the NICE-Guidelines. Therefore I would like to get to know you more during your pregnancy so I know you and your baby even better.

Water and water birth

Water has a relaxing and positive effect on many people. Most women find that water helps them cope better with labour and birth. Personal preferences vary as some women enjoy the water only for some time, while others stay in the pool for the whole labour. If you plan to have your baby in a hospital, you can use your bathtub at home in early labour to relax and save energy. During my time in the UK, I was able to attend some extra training about water births and gained a lot of experience.
I am happy to support you with a water birth at home. It is possible to have a water birth at home even if you don’t have a bathub, as inflatable birthing pools can be rented or bought (this way it can be an excellent paddling pool for your child later on).

Care in a private hospital in Graz

I have a contract with a private hospital in Graz as a private midwife and I can be booked to look after you in labour there. Ideally I would still provide you with antenatal care in order to get to know you and your baby. When your little one decides to make their arrival, I would simply join you in going to the hospital and would continue your care there. I would then support you at home with postnatal visits after you are discharged.

Aromatherapy during birth

Fragrances and odours can help us to relax or could also make situations unbearable for us. When in labour, women’s senses become even heightened. Hence, aromatherapy oils can influence labour in a positive way either helping to relax, or being activating depending on what is needed at that time. I only use natural high quality oils and they can be used for massage or for an air diffuser.

TENS machine (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

Four adhesive-electrode pads can be applied on your back. The pulses transmitted across your skin can help to reduce pain sensation, especially if felt in the back. It is not painful to use the TENS machine and you can use it at home or at the hospital. It is widely known and used in obstetrics in the UK, and becoming more popular in Austria.

Home birth

If you decide on a homebirth I will be looking after you during your pregnancy and I will perform regular assessments to make sure everything is okay with you and your baby and I will prepare you for birth. I will be looking after you at your birth at home and will continue to look after you in the postnatal period. If you are interested about a home birth you can find more information here.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesaerean Section)

Just because you had once a c-section, doesn’t mean that you will have to have another one. The success rate for a natural birth after a c-section is about 70% – 80% with a low risk of complications.

However, it is essential to have a thorough discussion about your previous birth experience and to make a plan for your VBAC. If you opt to have a VBAC, it is not possible to have a home birth (in Styria) but I am happy to support your natural birth in a private hospital.

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