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Home birth

Most women can birth naturally but sometimes labour needs a bit of support. That is why I will be there for you with professional and clinical support and knowledge to make sure you and your baby are well.
If you decide on a home birth I will be looking after you during your pregnancy and in addition to your obstetrician, I will perform regular assessments to make sure everything is okay with you and your baby. I will be on-call for you between 37 and 42 gestational weeks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. During this time we will be in touch and as soon as active labour commences, I will come to you. As I will provide one-to-one care, I can offer you a personalised and exclusive experience.

Once your baby and your baby’s placenta is born, I will stay with you for at least another 4 hours to make sure both of you are well. I will support you with breastfeeding if you choose to do so, complete documentation and will help with tidying up and laundry. If available I am also happy to make some tea and toast for you as it is the way in the UK.

In the first week I will visit you almost every day and after that, depending on what kind of further support you will need. I will make sure that you are happy with feeding your baby and you are recovering from birth well.

As birth and the postnatal period are very intimate, it is important that you feel comfortable with me as your midwife.  If you are planning, considering or even only thinking about a homebirth you can contact me for a non-obligatory casual chat where I am happy to answer your questions.

Home birth care package

If you decide on a home birth, I offer an extensive care package which includes antenatal visits, birth, and postnatal visits. You can find a detailed description of what is included here

Plan of care

1st appointment < 20. gestational weeks
2nd appointment 28 – 30 gestational weeks
3rd appointment 35+0 – 36+6 gestational weeks
4th appointment 37+0 – 38+6 gestational weeks
5th, 6th, 7th appointment 40+1, 41+0, 41+5 gestational weeks

24h On call
37+0 – 42+0 gestational weeks

Care during birth

Postnatal time
1st appointment 1 day after birth
2nd appointment 2 days after birth
3rd appointment 3 days after birth
4th appointment 4 days after birth
5th appointment 5 days after birth

Further appointments  may be individually planned.

Final birth chat after around 2 months (for closure and to answer questions which might have come up).

You can find the current price list under costs and fees.

Frequent questions about home births

When it comes to home birth there are a lot of questions. Here is a collection of the most frequent ones I have encountered so far.

What will bring my midwife with her to the home birth?

Quite a bit. Professional equipment for the birth itself (if necessary), equipment for every possible birth related emergency, a midwife’s gadgets such as a peanut ball (supports baby with rotation and descent), a TENS machine, aromatherapy oils and much more.

Isn’t it a requirement to have a doctor present at birth?

As a midwife I am the health professional for natural birth and in Austria it is a requirement to have a midwife at a low risk (normal) birth but not a doctor.

Is home birth safe?

Home birth is as safe as a birth in a hospital if certain aspects are considered: Home birth is only recommended for healthy women with healthy pregnancies. Due to an initial assessment which is based on evidence based criteria (NICE guidelines) we will discuss whether home birth is a safe option for you. Studies also show that a normal vaginal birth is more likely when planning a home birth and interventional rates are much lower compared with the hospital.

Can you suture in case there is a perineal tear?

I have a lot of experience with suturing, and I can easily deal with first and second degree tears at home. Even episiotomies (although extremely unlikely at homebirths), are usually not a problem and can be resolved without the need for transfer. In some rare cases there can be complicated or deeper tears which need to be treated by a doctor and in this case I would transfer you to the hospital.

Is home birth the right thing for every woman?

The most important decision when it comes to birth is about the actual birth place. Your wishes, needs and expectations will have a huge impact on your choice: What is possible and where can you get it?
Just as not every woman wants to give birth in a hospital, not every woman feels comfortable about giving birth at home. It is essential that you feel happy with your environment so you can relax better, let your hormones flow and trust your maternity care provider. When meeting for the first time we can discuss wishes and needs and consequently a personalised birth care can be planned.

I would like to use hypnobirthing, is it possible?

In the UK, hypnobirthing is more widely used and I was able to attend many births where it was used by couples. I am familiar with hypnobirthing terminology in English as well as in German and I am happy to support it.

We live in a flat, is it an obstacle for a home birth?

Not at all. Whether you live in a house or a flat, regardless of size, it doesn’t matter. When doing an antenatal visit we can discuss where in your home would be the best place to set things up, how much space will be needed (e.g. if you decide on a birth pool). We can also talk about any other concerns you might have about your birthing environment.

What are you going to do if there is an emergency?

I am trained for all possible obstetric emergencies and attend regular updates, skills and emergency trainings. When planning your home birth, we will also discuss any necessary eventualities so you can make an informed decision.

Home birth checklist

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