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As every woman and baby is unique this also applies to each pregnancy. Therefore it is important to me to provide care in a very personalised way just as you need it. As a midwife, I love to get to know mums and babies during pregnancy and to support them throughout this exciting, new and sometimes challenging journey. Continuous one-to-one midwifery care throughout your pregnancy not only allows me to get to know you and your baby well, but also gives you exceptional support.

"Personalised care for mum and baby"
Juliana Hörmaier

Preparing for birth

When providing antenatal classes, my aim is to empower you to help you prepare for birth, full of positivity.
Due to my experience in different birth settings such as an obstetric led unit, midwife led unit and homebirths, I can give you practical advice depending on where you want to give birth. As part of antenatal classes, I will show you exercises which can optimise your baby’s position. This can help to make birth easier and reduce the length of labour.

A main focus is to let you know about your possibilities in labour so you are fully informed with what you want and what you need. I want to support you to have the best possible birth experience.

I have trained in London to be an Active Birth teacher, which I also include in my preparation for birth.

When booking a private session I can particularly work with you based on your individual situation and chosen place of birth.

What to expect from preparing for birth
  • Phases of labour and what is your baby doing during labour?
  • Exercises to optimise baby’s position
  • Birthing positions and understanding their impact
  • Contractions: Understanding their positive role and what you can you do in labour (Natural and medical pain relief with both their pros and cons)
  • Breastfeeding information (preparation in pregnancy and all the important facts to know for a good start)
  • Breathing and making sounds in labour (how to do it and why)
  • Tummy massage
  • How to make a birth plan (and what is it?)
  • Newborn care and newborn handling
  • Differences of labour if you have given birth before
  • Advice for the postnatal period
  • A little bit of preparation for your little one (how to involve your older child/children)
  • Get to know the stages of birth and what your baby is doing during this interesting process


An easy and free way to get to know me and to ask any questions is the Mutter-Kind-Pass-Chat between 18 and 22 weeks of gestation. It lasts an hour and is fully covered by the Austrian Krankenkasse (your health insurance provider) but you can only book it once with a midwife when you are pregnant. When having this chat we can explore your options where and how to give birth and what might be supportive for you to make informed decisions regarding birth and the time after birth.

Antenatal visit

When having an antenatal check I will come to you for a home visit. This will include a medical assessment such as taking your blood pressure, urinalysis, abdominal measurement and palpation. Depending on the gestational week, I will also listen to your baby’s heart rate and we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
These checks will help me to get to know you and your baby so I can support you even better in pregnancy, e.g. optimising baby’s position.
In terms of a homebirth or birth in a private hospital this is particularly valuable, as I can get to know you and your baby well.

Pregnancies with special requirements

Sometimes pregnancies need more specialised additional care. This can be due to medical or psychological reasons, such as a previous traumatic experience or a specific medical condition. This might be why you would like to have empathetic holistic one-to-one care.
Sometimes things do not go the way they are planned, or there are times when you do not feel positive about your pregnancy. In this case we can make a plan together to establish how I can give you additional support, especially if there is medical care needed as well. I will listen to you, provide professional advice and will be there for you as your midwife.

Preparation for breastfeeding (Support for a good start)

When establishing your breastfeeding relationship you will develop a very special and unique bond with your baby. Breastfeeding is not only about food, but also about being close to your little one and giving your baby the emotional support he or she needs.
The beginning of a breastfeeding relationship can be a bit bumpy. Every baby has a different personality therefore every situation is slightly different and I will provide you with individual breastfeeding support.
Talking about breastfeeding during pregnancy is very helpful as you get a better idea what to expect. We will also talk about practical advice and what you can do to have a good start with breastfeeding.
I will also explain and show you how to hand express, as this helps to stimulate lactation and can prevent engorgement later on.
If you want I can also provide your postnatal care, which will help to ensure continuity of care in this new and challenging situation.


K-Taping is an elastic therapeutic taping which may help the body to regulate muscular tension, improve blood circulation and reduce pain. The tape creates small skin movement, which leads to signals being sent to the nervous system. It also can reduce inflammation reaction.

During pregnany and in the postnatal period there are many ways of how it can be used, e.g. backache, pelvic girdle pain (PGP), support abdominal muscles after birth or diastasis recti.

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